Better Values and lots of unclaimed estates

This is a new service launched in February 2013 offering email notification of new cases added by BV - plus a range of comprehensive services see - This costs £10 a month to subscribe (HHA Members only)
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Better Values and lots of unclaimed estates

Postby maurice » Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:31 am

As at close of business yesterday 854 cases had been posted on BV in 2013 of which 234 have been claimed leaving 620 unclaimed.

Feedback from members suggests more higher value cases are being landed by members who previously avoided the former weekly list or were beaten by more experienced big firms.

2013 BV has certainly made it fair for all - the extra data is proving a useful boon to help verify cases esp. those coming via HHA leads (read topic on Auction system)

The date/place of birth is especially useful for deaths occurring in recent years which are not available online and the only option was to get a death cert or speculative birth certs.

Although 2013 BV is still on trial there is no indication it will not continue in its present form and for us it has proved a significant move which has helped HHA members a lot.

Check out and stay in touch with latest cases as they get posted.
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