new monitoring service

This is a new service launched in February 2013 offering email notification of new cases added by BV - plus a range of comprehensive services see - This costs £10 a month to subscribe (HHA Members only)
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new monitoring service

Postby maurice » Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:33 am

In February 2014 we introduced a new service on

Subscribers can opt to monitor any unclaimed estate and be notified by email immediately when it is claimed and thus removed from the open cases list.

This information is useful for subscribers on two fronts;

1. Monitoring their own cases for which a claim has been submitted, the system will advise you it is accepted hopefully before you get the official letter from TSOL. There is always the risk of official notification letters being lost or delayed, and potentially weeks pass before you might query a claim, only to find out was already approved some time ago.

2. Cases that are being researched by you may be claimed by another person or firm, which may mean your own research should be stopped if you are only just starting on a case.

In some cases you may already have one or more heirs signed who have a clear right to share in the proceeds of an estate, yet another claim may jeopardize you and your own clients rights, so the sooner you are aware of a claim the better.

With this prior knowledge you can ask TSOL for details of the claimant and the name and contact details of the person or firm who is handling the administration.

This prior knowledge can be made available to you BEFORE money is released to the claimant and/or their agent researcher, so if needed you can lodge an immediate claim with the estate administrator and prevent and distribution of funds to wrong heirs.

Becoming aware too late of a prior claim can put the researcher's reputation at risk, and cause considerable risk of legal actions as well as loss of, potentially substantial commission.

Remember that to succeed with a claim one only needs to prove a blood link to the deceased NOT necessarily a qualifying right to inherit from the estate.
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