New proposed service for

This is a new service launched in February 2013 offering email notification of new cases added by BV - plus a range of comprehensive services see - This costs £10 a month to subscribe (HHA Members only)
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New proposed service for

Postby maurice » Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:22 pm

New proposed service for

The directors of FPAR the watchdog organisation of probate and asset researchers ( ) now meets on a weekly basis via online Video Conferencing.

HHA has made available for this purpose an excellent service provided by WEBEX which is part of the Cisco Organisation.

FPAR is now looking at extending the service for its own members by providing online video meetings for exchanging ideas, problem solving or general networking, as such these ideas are still under consideration.

From our part we are are now looking at a possibly weekly "probate workshop" for possibly 1 hour a week. This would be where the workshop would be hosted by an "expert".

Themed workshops may be made available, and time frames could vary from a normal 1 hr slot.

The thinking is the service would provide a degree of flexibility and work on a drop in basis.

The idea is this service would be a free service to existing members of BV LIVE.

First time users would be invited to any scheduled meeting and would need to download and install some simple software - the service works on most platforms - however with potentially many users laptops, desktop computers or tablets are preferred.

If you have lapsed subscription or wish to now subscribe connect to

I welcome your thoughts and ideas to help us plan what, how and if we provide this service.
Maurice S Clarke
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